Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rad Studio crashing again!

It's damn frustrating, this is twice in the last 2 hours. I'm not even doing anything weird, just editing a source file. I checked the ram usage of my workstation, it's at 600mb out of 4gb total. Rad Studio crashes more than any IDE I have ever used in my entire life. 


  1. Normally I load only the personality I'm using. Even BDS2006 (one of the worst Delphi versions ever) does not show such behavior.
    Ah, just for curiosity, your company use McAfee ViruScan? At least for me, all machines that beast of hell was installed are slowed to a crawl....... And BDS compilation time get a increase of more than 30%.

  2. My company uses Norton Antivirus. It may be related to that, since my bootcamp xp install on my mac doesn't have antivirus on it, and Rad Studio runs fine.

  3. I read something in the newsgroup that linked to that blog entry of the Rad Studio product manager, Nick Hodges...

    In short, Logitech Cameras inject executable code on applications and completely screw up D2007 debugger (and many others apps as well)

  4. Correction: Logitech Cameras *driver software*
    inject (...)


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