Sunday, January 25, 2009


Evernote is one of a long line of notetaking applications, from Microsoft OneNote (which is supposedly pretty good) to Zoho. In my search for a notetaking application to supplement my brain (which has horrible short term memory), I settled on Evernote as the most full featured of the bunch:
  • Has a desktop AND web AND iPhone client
  • For notebooks that are synced to Evernote's servers, free OCR
  • The ability to have synced notebooks (to take advantage of web/iPhone clients and free OCR), or desktop only notebooks (for sensitive info)
  • The ability to add pics, pdf, word, excel, numbers, pages, webpages, or free text to a note
  • quick searchability

The only thing remaining for me is to put my local Evernote notebooks into my truecrypt partition, then I'd be all set

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  1. Experiment with the integration with Pelotonics and Evernote. Now you can turn your notes into tasks or messages related to specific projects!

    Troy Malone


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