Friday, July 4, 2008

CodeGear RAD crashing again

This is the 3rd crash in a week. Not my application crashing mind you, but CodeGear RAD crashing. I edited out any sensitive information in the pic below. If there weren't so many people using CodeGear RAD, I'm not sure I would trust it to create executables that would run well in production.

Upon restarting CodeGear RAD, here it is with the view changed (everything undocked).

Just for note: ONLY CodeGear RAD crashes on this box. Not IE, not MSSQL, not Visual Studio, not anything else. CodeGear RAD is the special one.


  1. I'm afraid the screen dumps can't be read and clicking on them doesn't produce a larger version (despite the hand cursor).

    But, the IDE is not known for it's immense stability :-| To me, that's the weakest part of the package: the stability of the IDE. I'm told BDS 2007 is better at it than 2006, but crashing IDE's is something we are all but too familiar with I'm afraid.

  2. I'm actually not that worried about the IDE crashing. What concerns me more is the visibility issue that I had when accessing functions stored in a different file. The IDE crashing issue that I have sets me back at most a few minutes, and I understand how to recover from it (just restart, and change the view back to default).


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