Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mea Culpa!

The problem is solved! It was caused by me forgetting that Delphi is case insensitive, so I had a var named cParsedFile, and I tried to instantiate the object with a "cParsedFile := CParsedFile.Create;". I am really glad that the problem is in my code. If the problem is my code, then I can fix it! Kudos to Jørn Einar, and Bart Roozendaal for helping me figure it out, and thanks to Animal, Lars Fosdal, Thomas Müller and everyone else who gave assistance! This feels like I won some sort of award, and now I give my thank you speech ^_^.

To make up for my earlier comment, where I stated that RAD Studio was made by monkeys, here is a pic proving that RAD Studio was NOT made by monkeys.

And for good measure, and to prove that I can take criticism, here's a pic of me with egg on my face!


  1. Great! You finally are learning how to use that.
    Is a step forward, no doubt!
    But really you will learn in depth reading books.

    Best regards.


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