Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Darwin Race of Langauges is Over!

Congratulations to all who finished! My downfall was I bit off more than I could chew by using a semi-familiar IDE and language, while attempting to learn COM and WMI. No excuses though! Even though I couldn't finish the race, I had fun and I learned more about RAD Studio in the process.

My one regret is that due to all the problems to solve being GUI based, I couldn't enter using my best language, GT.M. I bet that would be something no one else has seen =P.

In any case, that's just me rambling on (and trying to find some way to work GT.M into my post). Too bad none of the people who finished the competition entered anything for OSX.


  1. Just for the record: if you like and can, you still can enter a solution using GT.M. I didn't know you would want that, but if you still do, the lines will remain open a bit longer for you only. That's the special treatment for being the trigger of the race :-)... Only if you want of course.

  2. Hehe, thanks for the offer, but I will honor the contestants that finished on time, and I will concede to them. You should run more of these competitions though, it was fun to participate!

  3. In case you still want to figure out how to do things in Delphi, you can have a look at the sample at

    Important to understand is that you need to put the imported ActiveX controls (the COM objects) in a package (have wrapper objects created when you import the tlb's). Once there in a package you can install them in the IDE and use them as if they were 'normal' VCL objects. That's the link you missed. Once you do that, you're probably off.

    If you want, I can email you a package that has the WMI objects added.

  4. Sure thing! I'm always ready to learn more.


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