Sunday, July 6, 2008

Effort vs Benefits of using different IDE's and Platforms

If I can paraphrase one of the commenters on my blog, Donald Shimoda suggests that I'm not spending enough time learning about CodeGear RAD and Delphi before I started using it. He says that I should read a few books before attempting to code in Delphi.

I disagree with him. I implore developers out there to not settle for crappy IDE's, API's and languages. Back in the day, hardware was expensive, programmers were cheap, and the tools were written for the machines, not the programmer. Nowadays, hardware is cheap, programmers are expensive, and tools are written for the programmer, not the machine. 

Remember this, all you other developers out there, the programmer is the expensive one, the important one. You have the power to demand more from your tools.


  1. A tool is just a tool, but sophisticated tools usually comes with comprehensive user manuals.

    We can make our tools better, smarter, simpler - but - they will still work best for those of us that have the patience and experience to RTFM.

  2. That's the thing though. I've written code with Notepad (on Windows), Vim (on Linux), all the way to managed code with Visual Studio. I get annoyed with CodeGear RAD, because they are so close to getting it right. It feels like they just need a bit more horsepower to bring them up to par with Visual Studio.

  3. You misunderstand me. Im not saying to you learn RAD. Im saying you MUST learn Delphi and VCL. Have a lot of sense because you dont even know pascal is not case sensitive. :P

    My friend you can do whatever you want, but if you want to complain about something just be fair. Period. You know nothing about pascal or you just cannot forget is not case sensitive. Undesrtand?

    Has always, with my best regards.


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