Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wow RAD Studio is fast

For the project that I participate in, I usually work remotely through logmein, and that has been my only experience with RAD Studio. Trying to solve my visibility problem prompted me to install RAD Studio on my MacBook Pro through Parallels on Windows XP, so that I could work on code that I own and can post freely online. 

Holy crap RAD Studio is fast, even though I'm running it through a virtualized OS. Now I just need to buy more ram so I can stop using virtual memory so much. I guess OSX + Firefox + Parallels + Windows XP will eat up 2GB =P.

So I can mark up one win for RAD Studio, it definitely executes faster than Visual Studio.

See... my experiences with Delphi and RAD Studio aren't all bad.

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  1. Yes, the speed (at least compared to VS) is great. I noticed that on a conference some time ago. First I watch a presentation using Delphi and all was snappy. Then I watched a presentation in VS and tears came into my eyes. You really need a very powerfull machine to work comfortably with VS.


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